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Name and location

The Tour Guides Association of Lucerne (VRL) is an association within the meaning of article 60ff. of the Swiss Civil Code (ZGB). The association is a religiously neutral and politically independent organisation. The VRL headquarters are located in Lucerne.


Increasing tourism brought great competition between tour guides. In order to establish uniform rates, the tour guides of Luzern came together to form an association in the forties. Since then, the services on offer have been continuously expanded.

Each member is certified and further training is mandatory for every tour guide.

The common goal is to give guests from Switzerland and abroad interesting insights into the history and culture of Lucerne and Switzerland.

Want a guided tour, a special themed tour, or a travel companion in Switzerland and abroad? The 64 active members of our association will be happy to make you an interesting offer. We offer the service in 15 different languages.


Function Name E-Mail Phone Mobile
Präsidium Lea Sommerhalder - +41 76 418 08 82
Vize-Präsidium Regula Rüegg +41 41 390 46 56 +41 79 243 32 31
Finanzen Prisca Spiller +41 41 610 14 77 +41 79 275 97 62
Administration Sonja Schwegler - +41 79 279 34 29
Beisitz Gaby Bürkli +41 41 497 40 54 +41 79 697 78 71


As freelance tour guides, we work with various tourist organisations:

  • Car companies
  • Convention organisers
  • Tour operators
  • Tourist associations
  • Associations/Companies